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  • T88 1080P Spy Pen Hidden camera video recorder support photo video and voice recorder Max 64GB
  • images/v/T88-1080P-Spy-Pen-Hidden-camera-video-recorder-support-photo-video-and-voice-recorder-Max-64GB-03.jpg.jpg
  • images/v/T88-1080P-Spy-Pen-Hidden-camera-video-recorder-support-photo-video-and-voice-recorder-Max-64GB-06.jpg.jpg
  • images/v/T88-1080P-Spy-Pen-Hidden-camera-video-recorder-support-photo-video-and-voice-recorder-Max-64GB-05.jpg.jpg
  • images/v/T88-1080P-Spy-Pen-Hidden-camera-video-recorder-support-photo-video-and-voice-recorder-Max-64GB-04.jpg.jpg
  • images/v/T88-1080P-Spy-Pen-Hidden-camera-video-recorder-support-photo-video-and-voice-recorder-Max-64GB-02.jpg.jpg
  • images/v/T88-1080P-Spy-Pen-Hidden-camera-video-recorder-support-photo-video-and-voice-recorder-Max-64GB-01.jpg.jpg

T88 1080P Spy Pen Hidden camera video recorder support photo video and voice recorder Max 64GB

    Qty.Range(unit) Price(per unit)
    1-4 US$21.00
    5-9 US$20.50
    10-19 US$20.00
    20+ US$19.50
  • US$21.00 +Shipping Cost

      • Description:
      • T88 1080P Spy Pen Hidden camera video recorder support photo video and voice recorder Max 64GB

      1.Power on/Power off:
      Press the power button on the top of the pen for about 2 seconds, when the red light keep be on, then it will be on standby mode. without any operation for 60 seconds at standby mode. When the device did not fine the TF memory card, it will shut down after the red light flashes in 5 seconds.
      2. Record a video
      Press the power button for 2 seconds in standby mode, the red light will flash off after 3 times and start to record. In the video mode, press the button shortly, the red light will be on and save the file, and go back to standby state, press the power button 2 second again, red light flashes three times and continues recording. The video resolution is 1920*1080 and save a video in ten minutes.
      3.Take a photo
      In standby mode, press the power button in a short time, the red light flashes one time, means it has taken a photo and saved it already. The picture Resolution is 2560*1440
      4.Voice Recorder
      In standby mode,Press the power button 3S, the light flash one time,starting voice recording,30 minutes per file.
      5.Taking video when power charger
      The light flash slowly when connect with power charger,press the power button 2 times, the light flash 3 times,starting take video.
      6.Power off
      press the key for 3 seconds until the red light black out, the device is turned off.
      Connect the USB interface of computer or use a 5V power supply for charging. The red light will flash slowly when charging, and the red light will turn on when the battery is full.
      Connect to the computer:
      This device uses the Micro USB data cable, non installation drive. Connect Windows operating system, Linux operating system, Mac operating system. Can read and modify the file.
      8.Time setting
      The machine provides the function for a recording time in the video. After the first recording, the machine is connected to the computer to open the “time” file.  The data can be changed and saved when the format does not change, and will be at a right time next time.
      Video Format AVI
      Video Resolution  1920*1080P
      Video Rate 30FPS
      Player soft Play the software operating system with or mainstream video playback software
      Photo JPG
      Photo Resolution 2560*1440
      Battery 200mAh
      Working time 70 minute
      Charging voltage DC-5V
      Interface type Micro 5 pin USB
      Memory TF card
      Battery type polymer lithium
      Support memory 64GB
      Weight 40g
      Package weight 120g

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      • T88 1080P Spy Pen Hidden camera video recorder support photo video and voice recorder Max 64GB
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