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  • Professional Portable Telephone Voice Changer gadaget
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Professional Portable Telephone Voice Changer gadaget

    Qty.Range(unit) Price(per unit)
    1-4 US$56.00
    5-9 US$55.00
    10-19 US$54.50
    20+ US$54.00
  • US$56.00 +Shipping Cost

      • Description:
      • Professional Portable Telephone Voice Changer gadaget


      We have had voice changers before but NEVER as good as this model. 

      It's designed by an American Engineer who also developed our most popular bug detector. 

      You just have to hear the quality of this unit to believe it. You can change your voice from male to female at will or simply disguise your voice beyond recognition. Even your own spouse will not recognize you on this one folks. The high quality acoustic coupler attaches to the headset and you simply talk into the mic on the unit. Runs on one 9 volt battery. Comes with handsome carrying case and detailed instruction manual.

      Specifications And Features

      1. Professional grade voice changer

      2. Lightweight and compact

      3. Zippered black case

      4. Powered by a 9V battery, not included

      5. Easy To Use!

      6. Fits On Almost All Telephones Even Cell Phones.

      Packing box Size : 17x16x3.5CM 

      Dimensions : 15x7x3cm

      Package Weight: 334g 

      N/W :  203g

      Our Professional Voice Changer is compatible on all telephones and can be used on cell phones. 

      Simply attach the acoustic coupler to your telephones handset, adjust the 16 settings by turning the selector clockwise.


      It has 0 being your normal voice, the high settings will increase the pitch and low settings will decrease the pitch.

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      • Professional Portable Telephone Voice Changer gadaget
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      • Professional Portable Telephone Voice Changer gadaget
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