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  • images/v/4K-FULL-HD-Spy-carkey-camera-keychains-hidden-video-recorder-support-photo-and-WIFI-Local-Max-128GB-02.jpg.jpg
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  • images/v/4K-FULL-HD-Spy-carkey-camera-keychains-hidden-video-recorder-support-photo-and-WIFI-Local-Max-128GB-01.jpg.jpg

2017 Newest 4K FULL HD Spy carkey camera keychains hidden video recorder support photo and WIFI Local Max 128GB

    Qty.Range(unit) Price(per unit)
    1-4 US$62.00
    5-9 US$61.50
    10-19 US$61.00
    20+ US$60.00
  • US$62.00  US$62.00 +Shipping Cost

      • Description:
      • 2017 Newest 4K FULL HD Spy carkey camera keychains hidden video recorder support photo and WIFI Local Max 128GB

      Car Key Cam Features

      SONY IMX179 SONY HD lENS Super image sensor for low illumination video recording, quick light response

      4K Full HD 3200*1800 30fps, 720P 60fps

      H.264 compression

      Support TF card, max support 128GB.

      In the process of automatic video 180 degree flip screen correction

      High capacity 600MA precision battery can be used for continuous HD video recording for 1 hours

      Support edge charging and recording, cyclic video recording

      WIFI short-range APP support real-time viewing, the longest distance of up to 50 meters

      USB 2.0 plug and play, boot shutdown can be easily connected with the PC/MAC

      Provide development software for parameter free configuration modification

      The car key design, convenient for use in meetings, interviews, forensics, outdoor activities and other occasions

      Main Operations

      1 Powering the Car key Cam On/Off

      Long press the button button for about 2 seconds, until the blue light is released, the machine carries on the video standby state, complete the boot. (no operation, 1 minutes automatic shutdown in standby mode) (standby time can be configured by software) In standby mode, press the button button for about 2 seconds, release the button and turn off the light when the indicator is turned off.

      2.Recording Video

      Click the confirmation button, the blue light slow down, you can start the video,If you want to pause the video, please click the confirmation button again. At this point, the blue light lights up and goes into the video standby mode,A video file is automatically saved every 1, 2, 3, 5, 10 minutes for a long continuous video recording. (the length of time can be configured by software).

      3.Taking Photo

      Enter the camera mode: in the standby state (blue light Chang Liang), press the mode button button 1, the indicator light from blue light to red light, that has entered the camera mode.Photo: click the confirmation button button, red light flash 1 times, complete a photo.

      Exit camera mode: click the confirmation button button again 1, return to the video standby (blue light Chang Liang).

      4.WIFI mode

      In standby mode, long press the mode key, red, yellow or blue yellow lights long bright, indicating WIFI function open, at this time can through the APP software for WIFI short distance real-time watching video picture.

      APP mobile phone software download scanning two-dimensional code (Note: the current APP software is only suitable for viewing, do not modify the parameters in APP) 

      5.Auto Power Off

      In the following cases, the machine will automatically shut down:

      (1) when the built-in lithium electricity shortage, the blue light will flash continuously after a few seconds, it will automatically shut down and save the video;

      (2) when the host is in standby mode, without any operation within 1 minutes, it will automatically shut down to save power.

      6.Sides Filling And Recording

      Connect the charger in 10 seconds, each function can be operated.

      7.Cycle video

      The video for (1/2/3/5/10) minutes to save a document, and lack of full video to TF card case, the machine will automatically delete the front (1/2/3/5/10) minutes of video files, video to work. (the length of time can be configured by software)


      The built-in rechargeable lithium battery can be charged by the following way:

      (1) insert the machine into the USB port of the computer;

      (2) connect the machine to the DC 5V charger charge.

      When charging, the red light blue light, when the lithium battery is fully charged, the red light blue light.

      Note: when the battery is insufficient, the blue indicator flashes for several seconds and then automatically shuts off. At this point, please charge the machine.

      9.Fault Reset

      When the machine is not working properly, you can try to reset the reset, in order to make the machine back to normal. The concrete implementation method is: insert the reset hole from the reset hole with a thin rod, and then click the built-in reset button to realize the reset operation once.

      10.Setting the CarKeyCam

      you can set the video specifications / video, each file time / camera specifications / sound switch / time watermark / standby time and other parameters, after the completion of the modification, click the button Createconfiguration file 


      View Angle: 75°

      Min. Illumination: 1 Lux

      Video Format: MOV

      Compress Format: H.264 advanced version

      Vedio Resolution: 3200*1800/1920*1080/1280*720/1280*720 60帧/640*480 VGA

      Frame Rate: 30fps /60fps

      Photo Format: JPG 

      Photo Resolution: 4000*3000/3264*2488/2560*1920/2048*1536/1920*1080/1280*960 

      Storage: Micro SD Support 4- 128GB

      USB Interface: USB 2.0

      Battery Charge: DC 5V/500mA

      Battery Capacity: 600mAH


      items size :71mm*40mm*17mm

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      • 2017 Newest 4K FULL HD Spy carkey camera keychains hidden video recorder support photo and WIFI Local Max 128GB
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